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Dorking S.A. has an internationalization program that has been implementing for more than 30 years focusing on the search of new export markets, by means of research and experience in addition to the strong competitiveness of its products and the logistic capacity needed to make optimized deliveries abroad.

During the last 30 years, Dorking S.A. has exported to different markets around the world; for example, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay in South America; Guatemala, Panamá and Puerto Rico in Central America; USA in North America; Spain, France and Italy in Europe; and Taiwan (ROC) in Asia. 

Dorking S.A. participates regularly in the different fairs abroad related to its field mostly as an exhibitor or either as a visitor to be up-to-date with the last advances and to keep showing its products in such exhibitions with the highest quality standards.

Differential Advantage: The quality of raw materials and of finished products in accordance with strict standards. Full-time Technical Assistance Service before- and after-sales. Exporting experience: Exclusive coil nails in South America with a special resin which favors penetration in wood and makes it difficult to withdraw the nail (See report from INTI. Section: Technical Information) Wide stock of goods of in-house production and commercialization (Pneumatic Machines and "For Life" Guarantee). Quality Certification in accordance with the ISO 9001 International Standard. Wide range of products in all their series (Nails, Staples, Pin Nails, Spikes, Rings and Clips, as well as its respective machines, and accessories and piston and rotary screw Compressors.