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About Us

Dorking S.A. is an Argentine company dedicated to the production of nails and staples with more than 60 years of experience in the market. It has an automated manufacturing plant and keeps adding state-of-the-art technology that allows it to provide their customers with excellent products and services, using top quality materials.

Dorking S.A. is the first company in the field to certify all their processes under the ISO 9001 International Standard, and this is possible because it strongly commits to the customers, and fulfills their needs. It has important differential advantages in their products and services provided, among which stand out high competitiveness, logistic capacity needed to make optimized deliveries in the domestic and international market, and raw material under strict quality standards which differentiates the company and makes it exclusive:

Dorking S.A. has gained wide exporting experience for more than 30 consecutive years in countries of South America, and it also exports to other markets worldwide. (see Foreign Trade). Dorking S.A. is based on Quality and, therefore, it provides the products they commercialize with their own brand with a reliable guarantee and unlimited as to time because Dorking S.A. means QUALITY.

Mission and Vision


Our MISSION is to be leaders in the manufacturing, importing and commercialization of products, and so exceed the hopes of our clients, by means of the innovating development of last generation technologies, as well as through distribution channels and technologies transference that guarantees quality products, services, variety, promptness and competitive rates for our customers, thus leading to the welfare of our employees and a good return on our investment.


Our VISION is to keep ahead in production, importation and commercialization of the products provided by our company, through the ongoing improvement regarding our human resources and the continuous innovation of material resources, in order to be up-to-date with the guidelines, and so comply with strict quality standards and contribute to the sustained development of Dorking.

Quality Certification

Since 1999, Dorking S.A. has been the first and only company in the field to have a Quality Management System in accordance to the IRAM – ISO 9001 Standard requirements..

Over the years, Dorking has demonstrated through objective evidence that its management system complies with the standards, and has successfully passed the successive revisions of such Standard (2000, 2008).

Its Quality Management System covers the manufacture and commercialization of staples and nails for pneumatic machines. Commercialization, and repair and maintenance service of pneumatic machines, packaging equipments and pressure equipment. The system is designed to track each of its processes, not just manufacturing, but all the key management processes that affect the quality seen by the customer and that create value for the Company.

The end objective is, by means of the continuous revision and ongoing improvement of processes, meet customer’s satisfaction.

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